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Our Advantages

We offer a new work model that is aligned with our strategy and complies with the needs of the technical and vocational training sector. We create solutions and services that meet the needs of our clients in accordance with the Saudi Vision 2030.

Flexible Solutions

We seek to provide innovative solutions and features tailored to the needs of customers and partners, to serve their aspirations and achieve their goals.

Global Partnerships

We attract a broad and unique range of the top global training colleges and institutes to transfer and localize knowledge and experience.

Specific Disciplines

We choose specific programs and disciplines according to the Kingdom's needs and vision, and according to the requirements of the labor market.

About Us

Colleges of Excellence started its journey on 2013, it is the leading company that provides technical and vocational training services across the Kingdom. It is the link between the best international providers of technical and vocational training locally and internationally, funding authorities, legislators and regulators of the Saudi market. In addition to the evaluation authorities from one side and private and public business owners from another side.

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Excellence Journey

The establishment of Colleges of Excellence and the launch of the first phase of the International Technical Colleges

2013 Foundation

Launch of the second phase of the International Technical Colleges. Manage and operate NCSP, and CBC Program


The first batch of the International Technical Colleges graduates


Five Year Company Strategy 2017-2022


Improve the Company strategy to accommodate several needs of the clients


Our Services

We always seek to create unique solutions and services tailored to the needs of our clients. The process starts with studying the needs of each client, designing programs that suit their working environment, managing and evaluating them, and providing them with supportive technical tools, to achieve both objectives.

Our Programs

At "CoE", we offer a wide range of solutions, services, and specialized training programs in several fields, by providing various flexible work models that suit the desires and needs of each client.

Our Customers Reviews

We are proud and honored to be part of this successful journey along with our partners which resulted in creating many partnerships with the private and public sectors.

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