Burton and Highbury Group

  Burton & Highbury Group is an alliance between 2 specialized colleges in applied training in the UK:   Burton and South Derbyshire College: It is highly appreciated in the UK, as it is a leader in economic development and in establishing extensive partnerships with a group of leading institutions.   Highbury College: It has over 50 years of experience in managing a range of academic and vocational programs, where it works alongside the employers.    The colleges provide courses in vocational disciplines, including Business Management, Information Technology, and Graphic Design.   Students enroll in a 3-year-program and get an Associate Diploma. All courses are in English.

Most important specialties

  • Information Technology-Graphic Design
  • Information Technology-Website Development
  • Business Studies-Guest Relations
  • Information Technology-Technical Support
  • Business Studies-Small Business Management
  • Business Studies-Event Management

Other Partners

Aviation Australia Riyadh College


Lincoln College


Niagara College