Lincoln College

Lincoln College is one of the well-established colleges in the field of applied training in the UK. It trains more than 8000 students in 3 cities inside the United Kingdom. The College works side by side with employers to arrange the processes of technical and applied training in order to conform to the needs and requirements of labor markets. It has also achieved great results in employing graduates for several years. Students study diploma in multiple disciplines according to the labor market needs. The program's structure consists of: Preparatory Year: English, Computer and basic skills are studied. Second Year: the discipline's basic skills and information are studied. Third Year: the discipline's applied and technical skills are studied more intensively.

Most important specialties

  • Technology Management
  • Tourism and Hotel Business-Event Management and Organization
  • Occupational Safety and Health
  • Small Business Management
  • Tourism and Hotel Business-Guest Relations Management
  • Technology Management-Sales

Other Partners

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