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The Sector Training Board is an advisory board made up of key employers from different sectors of industry that will oversee...

The Sector Training Board is an advisory board made up of key employers from different sectors of industry that will oversee the training and development of the young Saudi workforce. Its objective is to work with the Colleges of Excellence to best determine the skills and environments required to enable a stronger, more skilled national workforce that carries the right certifications to be competitive in Saudi and globally.

Identifying the Right Skill Set

By establishing a market HRD intelligence platform in specific sectors, cross-referencing with analysis of government strategic policies, and assessing the existing workforce supply, the Board can identify the right skill sets required and provide a forecast of the forecast for that sector.

Closing the Gap in Supply & Demand

By identifying accredited training programs and certified training providers to collaborate with the TVTC to extend the training programs and courses to the sector's workforce, the Board aims to build capacity in the workforce to close the gap and meet the sector's demand.

Fostering a Stronger Skill Set

By coordinating and collaborating with other sectors, organizations, and employers to actively sponsor prospective employees at training centers via a "locked-in" employment program, the Board aims to improve the overall level and number of skilled Saudi workforce sector by sector.

Sector Training Board Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Sector Training Board?

The Sector Training Board is a national entity that will oversee the training and development of the young Saudi workforce of the sector business partners. The Sector HR Development Advisory Board is a collaboration body between TVTC/CoE and the major sector companies to ensure alignment of strategies and setting of priorities of technical and vocational skills training in the Kingdom..

Why was the Sector Training Board introduced?

This Board was introduced to overcome the following critical challenges related to the current state of the Kingdom's sector training market:
- There is a lack of a coordinating entity for training and development between the private sector and the public sector.
- There is no unified national training policy, strategy or implementation plan because every company does training on its own and there is a mismatch between specific industry needs and technical training outcome.
- The quality of training outcome is inconsistent when compared to international standards and benchmarks.
- There is no unified standardized certification process in place because every sector company currently awards certifications by itself, locally or internationally.
- And most importantly, there is no formal trainee sponsorship program. In other words there is no guaranteed or sustained employment for the trainees.

What training disciplines are targeted?

All the specialized and technical training that the sector and its sub sectors need are targeted but excludes skills needed for unskilled laborers. Therefore, it includes skilled and semi-skilled crafts and trades. This includes training needed for crafts and skills that are necessary for Upstream, Downstream, Engineering and High-End Construction, Power generation, transmission and distribution, Marine & Offshore, and Minerals.

Are there other members in the Sector Training Board

Stakeholder companies other than the founding stakeholders can join the Board later on based on the terms and conditions that are detailed in the MoU. However, these will not be considered founding stakeholders.

Is the private sector (business community) represented on the Sector Training Board?

Yes, the private sector is represented by the Council of Saudi Chambers.

Can more members join the Sector Training Board in the future?

Yes, new member companies can join in the future as per details in the MoU.


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